What is Social Technology?

Social technology is the use of scientific and technological knowledge on solutions for subsistence, health, education, aging and disability.

What is Social Innovation?

Social Innovation is a new order of the current economic and social parameters, in order to give solutions to the defeats this society is facing.

Social Innovation, resting on the ethical use of technology and knowledge, prioritizing people's revaluation, its dignity and life quality, and looking for the sustainability on the economic and ecological resources, it raises creative solutions and of social value on the short, mid and long term.

What is APTES?

APTES stands for: Association for the Social Technology Promotion.

APTES is a professionals' multidisciplinary network and organizations promoters of initiatives in favour of the Social Technology and the Social Innovation.

APTES gives orientation, information, collaboration and opportunities to whom they could affect in the resolution of social problems by means of the use of the technology.

In APTES, we believe that it is possible to establish new ways of social cooperation that use the knowledge and the technology as advantage, and those ways are a constant opportunity of social, ethical, and sustainable transformation.